Blacksburg, VA

We took a nice road trip to Blacksburg, VA recently. I love driving south on 81 and the country roads. The views are amazing with picturesque landmarks. The last of Americana before development touches the land on the sides of the roads filled our view.

Virginia Tech is in Blacksburg. It’s a nice, cute college town. We stayed in Elliston, only 15 minutes away from the main campus. My daughter is working in an agricultural program through her high school. We are also considering VA Tech as one of her possibilities in the near future.

The view from our Airbnb in Elliston

Our little home away from home stay at our Airbnb in Elliston was cozy and comfortable. Not to mention, the view was amazing. It was such a short drive from campus to find yourself in God’s country again. At night, the mountain was full of fireflies that lit up the sky like a firefly rainstorm.

Even though it’s a small town and in the country, the nearby restaurants had a lot of vegan options. In the past, because of my children’s dietary lifestyles, it’s always been a tough search for places with vegan foods. This was a relaxing change.

VA Tech’s menu for the cafeteria is full of delicious grub. The food at college is considerably better than in high school, but the food at my college wasn’t this extraordinary. They have an amazing variety and it looks delicious.

If I wanted to do an investment property in the future, I’d definitely consider Blacksburg or one of the surrounding mountain towns. I think either an Airbnb or long-term lease for a student would prove itself worthwhile. On days when it was unoccupied, I’d have a place of my own to visit.

Here are some of our views from the car on the way home.

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