Smith Mountain Lake

This spring break, my family and I took another getaway. It really is quite a feat during these Covid-19 lockdown days. As always, we are very careful. We chose a Virginia destination spot, Smith Mountain Lake. Our rental was a cute cabin found on VRBO. It’s in an area called Cedar Key where there are several other cabins available for rent.

Only a few families were there when we were. Everyone was friendly enough, but kept to ourselves. It’s very dog-friendly. We need to constantly find dog-friendly, family-friendly spots due to the kids and our three dogs. Yup, I said three dogs. Two months ago, we endeared another beautiful rescue dog into our lives. Her name is Luna and she is, as far as we or our vet can tell, a purebred Australian Shepherd.

The water was too cold for swimming, but we enjoyed being out there nonetheless. We had our rubber boat and tubes for unwinding on the lake. Even though it rained the second day, it was mostly drizzling on and off, we took turns boating.

There was a nearby beach at the state park. The beach parking was closed, but not the beach. Dogs, kids in tow, we spent a couple hours sleeping on the sand.

I loved it there. It’s still offseason for the area, however there were a few places for take out available. I definitely recommend packing enough food for your stay at any given time. Once you get there, you won’t want to leave.

Looking forward to the day, I can afford my own cabin getaway with my own boat. I’m talking about a big Catamaran or a type of a houseboat. My little rubber blow-up boat can only take me so far. I’m ready and itchy for some bigger waters soon.

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