Neabsco Creek Boardwalk & Regional Park

Check out Neabsco Creek Boardwalk which just opened last summer. For the first day of 2020, I got my bottom up and walking on the beautiful boardwalk. I had my son, husband, and two dogs in tow and it was very refreshing. I think this will be a new hiking/biking/dog walking spot for our family unit.

There are several parking options from one end to the other end of the boardwalk. And you will see little dirt patches carved out for parking along the way as well. Google 15125 Blackburn Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22191 to get you started.

This is from the New Woodbridge site regarding the park and boardwalk.

The nearly mile-long Boardwalk is a critical link of the Potomac Heritage Nation Scenic Trail, connecting Rippon Lodge, Eagle Nest Park, Rippon Landing Park with the Julie J. Metz Wetlands–now collectively designated as Neabsco Regional Park, a historic destination for wildlife viewing, outdoor education and nature appreciation.

Check out some of our photos of this marshy area. Reminded me of Where the Crawdads Sing.

Photo taken with Focos
Photo taken with Focos

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