Halloween in Nokesville

We sure know how to party in Nokesville, VA. Every year someone hosts a Halloween block party. This year was at a different house and boy did they go all out. There was an immaculate haunted house under the deck. My neighbor got the neighborhood kids to participate and volunteer as monsters inside the haunted house. It was chilling! My kids also participated. This year, my kids, age 10 and 13 had a dark theme to their costumes. Gone are the days of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. It was all about fake blood and gore.

I’ve got to say, for a beautiful picturesque area, Nokesville is also the perfect backdrop for Halloween activities. You can see beauty and creepiness all at once. Not to mention, the bear running around town adds a little bit of danger. (Poor bear. Don’t let the hunters get you! And please don’t eat my chickens!)

Here’s some fun photos from Halloween and the block party which was on a separate day. Halloween night almost got canceled due to the impending tornado. Thankfully, the weather held until the majority of trick-or-treaters got out.

My Halloween decorations were labeled as an “uncanny balance” by one neighborhood kid.

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