Carlsbad – Is it in My Future?

This Independence Day weekend, my husband and I traveled to LAX and drove with his parents to Carlsbad, CA in Southern California. Our kids were in the Catoctin Mountains for a camp retreat and our horde of pets were cared for by the pet sitting company I work for. Our trip was in celebration of Doug’s younger cousin who resides in Vista, CA.

We loved the little beach town of Carlsbad. It’s definitely a surfer town with the most amazing beach cliffs. How lucky to live on the beach! Some of the surfers were out-of-towners that camped on the street or brought a camper to the beach campsites. If you plan on vacationing like that in Carlsbad, make your plans early since reservations tend to get full a year in advance.

The wedding was located in the beautiful Quail Haven Farm. It was like stepping into the Secret Garden. The young couple just graduated college and we wish them well on their new journey in life together. Back to the venue, what a site. Every corner was a photo op dream sequence.

There was even a friendly farm cat on hand for the perfect farm, equestrian ambiance. He/she was a friendly dude and let us pet her. We observed the cat performing her duty as farm cat a few times throughout the night.

I truly enjoyed this trip and it made me consider moving. The price tag on homes are my only deterrent. Granted, we found several affordable and cute mobile homes next to multi-million dollar home sites. But on further investigation, the land lease for these inexpensive mobile home communities were in the high 2000’s. It wasn’t a practical home buying situation. I guess my only option now is to make a few million bucks and just get one of the million dollar homes. Lol! Dreaming is free!

Here are some amazing photos of Carlsbad Beach and the Quail Haven Farm.

Carlsbad, CA

Quail Haven Farm


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