Salisbury, MD Show

I love driving through the cities of the USA. That’s part of the magic of driving semi-long distances to dance gigs. I get to see places I don’t usually get to on a day-to-day basis.

Last week, I enjoyed performing Belly Dance at a tribute celebration for a doctor at a private internal medicine practice. Dr. Thimm, originally from India was thrown a colorful and festive fair well party. It was his retirement celebration thrown by his appreciative staff.

Belly Dance otherwise known as Raks Sharqi is not related to Indian culture but there is sometimes a crossover due to the international popularity of the dance form. In honor of his culture and for fun, I added an audience participation segment with a Bollywood line dance. The dance was done to the Pussycat Dolls’ rendition of Jai ho, You Are My Destiny.

Everyone had a blast. I must say, Dr. Thimm was the best at learning and performing the dance. I wish him and his wife the best with their newly adopted puppies. The are going to be busy raising those two in their retirement. That’s a lot of work but I know it’ll be another rewarding chapter in their lives. I’m so grateful for the chance at being a passenger for a momentous and personal occasion.

Salisbury is a fun city surrounded by country but perfectly set on the water. My mouth watered at the sight of all those waterfront restaurants and crab shacks. Vegans, forgive me. My mom’s family were water folks living on the river in Taiwan and surrounded by mountains, so the scenery in Salisbury was very much appreciated by me.

I hope to perform there again soon. I’m focused on real estate at the moment but only licensed in VA as of now in 2019. Check back later, perhaps I’ll expand to Maryland. I’m available for referrals here if you are a realtor and want to connect. In the meantime, I have no restraints on where I can gig. Dance will always be ingrained in my soul. Visit my dance page for booking information.

Til next time!

Aloha oe.


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