Old Town Alexandria Magic

There’s always lots to do in Old Town Alexandria. I love walking through the cobblestone streets where seafood restaurants are aplenty. There’s always an event happening that’s usually family friendly and pet friendly.

For the holidays you can feast your eyes on the splendor of Santa skiing with the elves. Here’s some background on Waterskiing Santa. This event usually takes place on Christmas Eve.

In 1986, a group of friends drew straws to see who would go out and water ski in a Santa Claus suit on Christmas Eve.  The one who lost did so, at which time he decided he would do it again next year. In 1987, local news covered the show 

While you might say, he initially lost the bet, he definitely won it for the sake of children and families alike. It continues today, after more than 30 years.

More background on this event.

After the show, Santa Claus and his merry crew greet families and children, who came to watch this crazy show, in the pavilion on the waterfront and behind the Torpedo Factory.

Mark your calendars for next year. You can tell your friends all about it after the holiday festivities conclude.

For pet owners, there’s endless activities and stores to visit.

Check out:

  • 22 Dog friendly activities
  • Pet friendly hotels
  • Pet stores
  • Canine cruise
  • And more

Here’s a great link for resources.

Old Town Alexandria doesn’t have many “ghost” restaurants. In one of the most competitive industries, Alexandria restaurants seem to thrive. That’s because there’s something for everyone, especially seafood lovers and bar hoppers.

To name a few:

  • Murphy’s Irish Pub
  • Chadwick’s
  • Union Street Public House
  • Blackwall Hitch

See more.

Of course, don’t forget the quaint neighboring quadrants.

  1. Del Ray
  2. Cameron Station
  3. Mount Vernon

What does it cost to live here? Well, since there are a lot of historic districts, events, stores, and businesses, it isn’t cheap. But keep watching the real estate market. You might find something in your budget.

Feel free to contact me for ideas and help with any of your real estate needs. I have lived in Northern VA my whole life.


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