Iberia, Missouri – Smallest Population?

This is about Iberia, Missouri. I’ve actually never been there. If I had as a young girl, I don’t remember it. A large portion of my stepfather’s family is out there. He visited multiple time to see his mother and sister and her family. His family residing there were Illinois transplants and according to my deceased stepfather, the town didn’t have much. Of all the places, most people don’t think, “Hmmm, let’s go move to Iberia!” Needless to say, his opinion wasn’t that high regarding the place.

According to 2010 the population from Wikipedia, the population census was at 736. And that was in 2010! With a town so small, the world has stopped its updates. The town has one zip code. I grew up in Northern Virginia and we have multiple zip codes for the same cities (except for my current hometown of Nokesville).

Further research shows that there might be some fun things to do in the little town of Iberia. Err – actually these are all places within 10-15 miles according to Trip Advisor. There are some 4-star ratings for historical sites like the Frisco Depot Museum or the Frisco Caboose. That part of the USA was a connection to the west from the east and vice versa. Another attraction is the Dream House Dolls, a specialty and gift store. Looks like there are some nice parks and beaches nearby, again not actually located in town.

People are not going to travel to Iberia unless they have family there like my stepdad did. This list might better pertain to travelers on a road trip who are passing through. If you are on a journey around the world or in this country by boat, you might find this useful. I don’t know if I will ever be by this way, but I have been to Missouri at least once.

The only memory of visiting the state was again with the Caravan Stage in 2003 for their production of the Red Tides. We had docked in St. Louis, right by the Gateway Arch built in the 1960’s. Now that is a contrasting city and the surrounding area with beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, museums, ballparks, and a nightlife that is crazy busy at night. Although, I did not walk around the business district. My compadres and I were exploring the restaurant and club district. We ended up at a club downtown. I have no idea what club it was or if that club is still open. My Google search reveals the Olive Bar, which may or may not have been it.

I’m sure there are plenty more cities and landscapes of Missouri to discover. Most of us from the east coast or west coast should get out and sojourn through more of the Northeast of America in our lives. There is so much Americana that doesn’t get talked about.


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